Ranking Your Dental Website

Let’s be honest – you want your dental practice website to rank well in the search engines. You know that when you search for goods or services in your area, you rarely go beyond the first page of the search results to find what you are looking for. You aren’t alone. Statistically, 91% of Google searches never make it past the first page of results. That means if your dental website isn’t on page one, it isn’t getting found by your potential clients.

So what does it take to get your site into the first page of results? After all, in most cities there are hundreds if not thousands of dentists vying for that coveted first page. If all the dental sites have similar information about dental procedures and techniques, why do some show up on page 1, while others languish in the outer darkness of the search results? And if you are currently far back in the standings, how do you get your site onto the first page? The answer is dentist SEO from DDSRank.

Dental SEO accomplishes two things – it helps modify the content on your site to maximize the search engine’s ability to understand the content on your site, and it also helps build links to your site to improve your site’s authority. These two steps, done in the right way, will move your site ahead of your competition.

If you’d like more information about dental marketing via SEO contact DDSRank.com.

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