The Importance Of Wisdom Tooth Treatment

tooth painWisdom tooth pain is a common problem among young adults. People between the ages 17 to 25 will experience wisdom tooth growth. Some people find that their wisdom teeth grown in painlessly, so an extraction or other treatment is not necessary. Unfortunately, many young adults experience very serious pain and discomfort when their wisdom teeth grow in.

If pain or discomfort occurs, it is absolutely crucial to get proper treatment from an Eden Prairie dentist like Molldrem Family Dentistry. Wisdom tooth growth can lead to serious infections and dental abscesses. This happens when wisdom teeth become impacted during the growing-in process. The only way to permanently resolve wisdom tooth problems is to have wisdom tooth extractions.

The infections mentioned above occur when wisdom teeth do not have proper room to erupt through the gum’s surface. Wisdom teeth begin putting pressure on other teeth. This causes cavities and abscesses to form. In addition to pain and discomfort, this can lead to facial swelling, redness of the gums, fever and more. These infections must be treated with antibiotics before the tooth can be extracted.

To avoid these potential problems, dentists often schedule wisdom tooth extractions for patients when these teeth begin growing in. Traditional dental x-rays will show a dentist that these teeth are growing in. The majority of dentists strongly suggest extraction as a preventative measure. This is due to the high risk for pain and infection.

Wisdom tooth extractions are fairly simple procedures. Some patients experience facial swelling and discomfort following the extraction, but these problems quickly resolve themselves. Different numbing agents and sedatives are used during the procedure. The exact method used depends on the patient’s needs and the options provided by a dental clinic.

Overall, wisdom tooth extractions are routine yet important procedures. The removal of wisdom teeth reduces the risk of pain and infection, and it can be quite beneficial for young adults.

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